Road to Romero: Our Adventure Begins!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post and I wanted to give you an update on my life. The past few months have been a whirlwind of business. I’m currently finishing up this semester and finals are in 1 week. It’s insane, where did the time go? Another thing that has been taking up a lot of time, as you may have guessed from the not-so-inconspicuous title: I’M ENGAGED!! This year, my boyfriend of 5.5 years proposed to me at a Dodger game (our favorite team.) I’m going to tell you the story for those who have not heard it, aka everyone other than my mom and church family, but also so that when I am older and forgetful, I will have this to look back on and reminisce. This way, little details that may slip my mind in the future will not be forgotten.

BEEORE: Let me start this out by giving you a little of backstory: My boyfriend (now fiance) and I do not often have time to go on one-on-one dates. It had been quite a while since we had done so. And the way that I am as a person is that I am a huge planner. I love a solid plan and while spontaneity can be cool too, plans are cooler in my opinion. You can iron out details and often prevent hiccups. Anyway, he texts me while I am at work and asks what my plans are for the following friday. I told him that I did not have anything planned and he told me to keep it that way because he was going to take me somewhere and that he could not tell me because it was a surprise. Real cutesy. Real Romantic. I was soooo excited; however, I am not the most patient person in the world, nor am I very good with surprises.  I swear Jesse deserves a medal because I pestered him all week about where we were going. Eventually, due to my work schedule and ensuring that we had a plan in terms of  getting there at a certain time, he told me a few days before that we were going to a Dodger Game. I was ecstatic.

THE DAY OF: This particular friday I had work until 7 pm. The game was scheduled to start at 7:10pm and Los Angeles traffic is CRAZY. Especially on a friday night. So I decided to drop my car off at my grandparents and get a ride to work. This way, Jesse can pick me up from work and we can go straight over to the game. Before I left for work, my sister tried to convince me to wear her Dodgers jersey to the game. I was content on just wearing a sweater and leggings because I value comfort and warmth. Lol I went to work, was able to leave early around 6 pm and had my boo come get me. On the way to the game he pulled the jersey from the back seat and told me that he wanted me to wear it, because he was wearing a matching one. I told him that I really did not want to and that the weather was around 68 degrees so it was really too cold to wear a short sleeve shirt. He got so upset! I was super irritated because 1. I was annoyed that my sister was so concerned about what I was wearing that she literally “told on me” and sent a different outfit with Jesse. 2. I was annoyed because I get cold easily and my sweater was SO CLEARLY a much better option that nobody was allowing me to wear for no justifiable reason. And 3. I hate wearing white. I hate it so much and find it very unflattering. The white jersey would not only make me cold but it would make me feel uncomfortable for the whole game. Jesse would not budge on it so I grumpily obliged. The game was cool. He kept trying to sneak videos and pics of me and was acting a little off than normal but it was still a really cute date night and I was super excited to just be there with him.  Now this part I have NEVER told Jesse so y’all get some inside scoop details: I, an educated and very intuitive woman (lol) , had a feeling that something weird was up. It was the only way that I could rationalize his strange behavior AND his insistence that I wear a matching shirt with him. This was a hunch that was so strong that I even glanced over during the game to check if his pockets looked bulky (like if a ring box was be in it.) There wasn’t and afterwards I started thinking, “OBVIOUSLY he doesn’t have one, because he had to empty his pockets during the security entrance so i would have seen it,” Plus,  in my head, we were not getting engaged any time soon so I brushed it off. Then i felt silly for even considering it and continued on throughout the night. So yes, while at the end of this story I was completely surprised by it actually happening, I would just like to make it known that I did actually have suspicions throughout the day.

THE PROPOSAL: The Dodgers lost which was a bummer and Jesse seemed more upset than normal. Not to mention that normally on friday nights, win or lose, there is a fireworks show. Due to the game going a bit longer than normal, and the noise ordinance in this residential area, the show was cancelled. Jesse was LIVID. Like, literally so upset. Another friend of ours was at the game at a separate section and he called Issac to complain about the fireworks being cancelled. I told him, “Babe, it’s really not a big deal. They are just fireworks.” Then he told me he wanted me to read a love letter that he wrote to me (something that we did A LOT for eachother at the beginning of our relationship 5.5 years ago.) As I am reading it, this family walks up and asks if Jesse will take a picture of them. He seemed annoyed, which again is unusual for him, and said yes. But as he does it he’s like “WAIT STOP READING!!!” He was acting very SUS again. So I did and then it was sweet but there was no proposal at the end and I gave him a hug and then he kept the hug going and going and I’m like okaaaay, award for longest hug ever goes to us now can we go? Lol  

Little did I know he was stalling until one of my bffs and one of his bffs to run over to us to film/photograph it all. He asked me to marry him and I said “yes!”  Well, actually I said “OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” several times thennnn I said “yes of course!” Lol. I cried a lot, he cried. I then noticed there were a lot of my friends around to witness it all. It was a crazy night.

And that’s our story. It was perfectly-imperfect. I am so excited for this next season of my life with my boo. So far wedding planning has been so amazing and I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you.

Until next time, I’m signing off with a graceful soul and a grateful heart.

xo, Leah Grace

you ain’t seen nothing yet

Hey y’all. It has been a while, amiright? 

I could do the whole spiel with “oh I’ve been busy,” “life got in the way,” yadda yadda yadda. Which all are technically true, but quite honestly, i just could not bring myself to write a blog post about being the “amazing christian” that i am when i did not feel like i was serving in the best way possible or in the way that i know in my heart is how i should be. I let distractions come into my life and steer my focus away from where it should be: centered on Christ. Then, in times such as these, when it feels like everything that could go wrong is doing so, i would have that strong foundation that is not easily shaken.

big bad wolf.gif

Now to try to make some sense of this to you, particularly if you have no idea who i am and just somehow found your way into this “confused 20-something year old” girl’s blog, here is a brief summary : I’m Leanne. The reason that i began this blog was as a way to de-stress in my time of distress. Intended to vent and somehow formulate my “mind-scribbles” into processed thoughts, i found myself creating this blog where you find yourself now. Along the way, i have failed and triumphed and met a bunch of cool people along the way. Here i am, one year later, after feeling like nobody cared about what i had to say and that i was a failure as a christian because i felt like i was plateauing. I am coming back to remind myself that the intent was to do this for myself. If people read it, cool. If not, that is cool too. Anyhow, here we go. I am going through a lot of family stuff right now. life is hard right now, but Christ is good. The devil is attacking my family in the worst way possible, but it will be okay because God is on our side and who can stand against us. I read my bible today for the first time in (embarrassingly, i do not even know how long) a while. I use a bible app on my phone and the “verse of the day” was Ephesians 3:20-21. “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” I continued on to read the whole chapter which was so comforting and made me feel a lot better about the current state of my life and my prayer requests. I am praying and expecting the Lord to do great things for my family to make this horrible test into an amazing testimony, and Christ is telling me (in a roughly millennial/paraphrased way), “oh booboo, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Anyhow, prayers always welcome, and if you could pray for me too, it would mean the world.

Until next time, I am signing off with a Graceful Soul and a Grateful Heart.

♥ xo, leah grace

Representatives Don’t Take Breaks

So you may know this or you may not, but I work in customer service/ retail. Now, if you have never done that then you most likely didn’t hear the intense piano that just played “DUN DUN DUN” really loud in the background when I said that. But just imagine, bolts of lightening and rolls of thunder as I describe the life of a sales employee. Basically, you have a few roles that you can do. 1. The person who works on the sales-floor. This person recovers and folds until their arms fall off. They dream of folding clothes. It is INTENSE. Now these people will deal with customers occasionally to find a size and whatnot, but for the most part customers will claim that they “are just looking” and never admit when they need help. 2. Fitting Room associate. This person will prep go-backs and run them all back. Yup, those clothes that you try and decide that it looked better on the mannequin? All of those end up in the bin. (Unless you leave the clothes on the floor in the fitting room, inside out and not on hangers. In this case, please don’t do that. It isn’t fun to deal with and those guys have it hard already.) And Finally 3. Cashiers. These are the people who deal with it ALL. Fake credit cards, expired coupons, complaints, wrong signage, etc. etc. etc. But do you know what the best part is? Clocking out and not having to deal with it anymore. Once my shift is over I don’t have to fake a smile even though my feet are killing me, laugh at jokes that I heard 20 million times a day, or use my fake retail voice. I get to clock out and then I am no longer a representative of my brand. I don’t have a tattoo on my forehead that says GAP INC. Nobody will know that I work there, but being a Christian isn’t like that. There is no clocking out, taking a break, or lunch time. We are called to represent Christ at all times and in all that we do.    

This isn’t always an easy thing to do, but if me keeping my cool (and not having an attitude when I think it is totally justifiable) can show someone the light of Jesus in me, then I would say that it was worth it.  2 Corinthians 5:20 says, “Now then, we are ambassadors of Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God (NKJV).” An ambassador is someone dignified who is chosen to go into a foreign land and represent that country. This is not an accidental word that was used “willy-nilly.” There is a purpose for it. The bible calls us ambassadors of Christ, therefore we are called to represent Him here on Earth. That is a full time gig. Even when we don’t feel like it, even when we are alone, even when your kids drop grape juice on your pretty clean carpet, and YES, even when someone cuts you off on the freeway. Today at work, something happened that was a total “AHA MOMENT/EYE OPENER.” I was talking with two of my coworkers. One of them, who is not a Christian and does not go to church at all (though I do invite him often and am believing that one day he will crack LOL), said that he came to me with questions about God because he liked that  I “did not shove my Christianity/ Jesus in people’s face. You could just tell I was by how I acted.” MAN, I wanted to cry on the spot. It was the most amazing and rewarding moment ever. But it also made me realize that people are always watching you, even when you don’t think they are. Which is why I felt compelled to write this post about my day today rather than the blog post that I originally planned. If you are going to take anything from this post today guys, here it is (my nugget, just for YOU) : We are ambassadors of Jesus Christ. There are no breaks, time-outs, or clocking out. Represent Him in all that you do, how you act, and the words that come out of your mouth. People are watching and if they don’t go to church, you might be the only glimpse of Jesus that they get, so be a good one.

Until next time, I am signing off with a graceful soul and a grateful heart.

xo, Leah Grace