More About Me

Leah Grace, aka Leanne from Los Angeles, California. 22 years old.


Serving God and Adulting are my main focuses right now.

I am a youth leader at my church in Los Angeles County.


I have one fur baby.


I have been dating my amazing Man of God boyfriend for almost 6 years.

I currently work for a healthcare provider here in SoCal as an appointment clerk/call center rep and am also a college student doing undergrad for the field of optometry!

I’m still figuring out this whole blogging world; I thank you for your patience as I navigate through it all and the spontaneity of my posts at times.

If anyone is out there that is struggling on your journey, know I am rooting for you. I will try my best to encourage you as best as I can.

Prayer Requests are always welcome.

Instagram: xoLeahGrace