Surviving a Road Trip

Hello my friends!

Today I am super excited because as I write this, I am on the way to Youth Summer Camp this year for my church! This will be my second year as a leader and I am so excited. Rather than go to Big Bear, which we did for 7+ years, we are going to Yosemite for the second year in a row now. It is absolutely gorgeous and we get to take in all of God’s creation! But if you didn’t know, from where my church is located in Los Angeles, our Yosemite Campground is 5 to 6 hours away. How does one survive such a long car ride? Well first, sleeping a lot. LOL But also by bringing the following items to ensure you do not get bored.


Here are my Road Trip// Long Car Ride Essentials:

  1. Headphones: A good pair of headphones can make or break your long car ride. because you can block out random chitchat from other passengers, focus on your own set of music, and even pretend you’re in a music video. LOL Don’t Lie. We’ve all done it.  The pair I use are my Beats Solo Wireless that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas. They are super comfortable and I don’t have to put them in my ears. That’s no Bueno when you wear them for an extended period of time. (Just make sure they are charged. That would be a bummer if you had no tunes.)
  2.  A Solid Playlist: You will need some good tunes to rock out to on your trip. My favorite thing is to find playlists of songs I haven’t heard in a long time (AKA top 2000s jams or something.) Lately I have really been into Kacey Musgravis’ Pageant Material Album. **My tip: Download all the songs beforehand so you already have them in your phone.** If you are driving through the mountains, you’ll most likely lose service after a certain elevation and if you’re using Pandora, Youtube, or Spotify it may lose connection. Then no more music for you. Wa-wa-wa-waaaaaaa. (that was the tom & jerry sound effect.) 
  3. Snacks GALORE: Now there are 3 ways you can go about this. The first, just buy a bunch of junk food. Tastes good in the moment but in the long run, you’ll feel pretty sick after a while. The second option is healthy. I’m talking fruit, water, trail mix. The works. But my personal favorite is option 3, a little bit of both. I’ve got my water, some goldfish, some healthy fruit/granola bars (but I also got gummy worms 🍬) . **pro tip: don’t bring food with strong smells when you’re in a car with others for a long period of time. This is just a courtesy to them.** They most likely don’t want to smell your tuna sandwich or hard boiled eggs. 
  4.  Gum: This majorly comes in handy when you’re going through mountain areas like I will be. Have you ever had your ears popping over and over? Or even more annoying, it not popping when it needs to? Trust me on this one. 
  5. Pillow: *this one is optional, then again all of these are, but this one may not apply to you.* If you are not the driver or co-pilot then one of the easiest ways to pass time is to sleep. But nobody likes a messed up neck from car-sleeping at a weird angle. If you’re in a window seat, just lean your pillow and enter into snoozeville. 
  6.  Hand Sanitizer (or Wet Ones): This one comes in handy when you make pit stops. Sometimes when nature calls, the bathrooms you meet on the road are ..well less than ideal. They may not have soap and are usually not clean. This helps you rid bacteria. The wet ones are kind of obvious, but in the car when you’re eating snack, these will keep you and your car clean. 
  7. Charger/Charging Case: If you’re going to be taking pictures, listening to music, texting your boo, whatever it may be, you’ll be draining your battery. Just make sure you have a backup plan so you won’t be disconnected, unless that’s the goal. Then whatever floats your boat. 
  8. Book: Bring a good read. That’s a great way to pass time. Nuff’ said. 
  9. Water: Keep in mind, you need to drink enough to stay hydrated. But you also don’t want to fill your bladder & be dying until the next bathroom break. 
  10. Cash/Quarters: First, it is always a good idea to have spare cash. You may run into unexpected problems. Emergency cash is a MUST. What’s optional is bring a couple bucks in quarters for a vending machine or something. You never know. 

If you have gone through this list of my essentials and have everything you need, you’re good to go. Don’t feel like this is set in stone; make this all personalized to you. Have fun with it. Pick a destination, grab some friends and GO!  

Until next time,  I’m signing off with a Graceful Soul & a Grateful Heart. 

xo, Leah Grace 

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